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Athens - New Ionia

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 New Ionia


N.Ionia was created in 1923.As the day of her creation is set the Sunday 27th of June in 1923, when its creation was done from their leader Nikolao Plastira and the priest Papaioakim Pesmetzoglou who has guided as another (Μωυσής) the thousands of people to Athens, after the destruction of Micrasia.

Except from the Sparatlids, from the first who had moved to this area, whose name firstly was ‘Podarades’, immigrates from ‘Inepolis’ and Kastamoni, Safrabolis, Neapolis, Kappadokia, Alaia and the Attaleia of Panfily and from Smirni and her outskirts, from Vourla, Aivali, Thiatreia and some other states of Micrasia.

N.Ionia, that martiric immigrate town, which was built 80 years before from a few thousands immigrates from Sparti of Pisiaia, Micrasiatic town, famous from its civilization and its improvement at her economics. So here in this area, where today nothing seems to be the same, the first Pisides create the New Pisida, on 23 of June in 1923. When lately some other teams of immigrates from Micrasia found a place to stay here, the town was renamed to N.Ionia. The way N.Ionia took was difficult like and every immigrate town which wanted to keep on the historic and politistic and economic improvement in the Mother Country.

Let us see how it has recreated the life of the town in the first years after creation. The immigrates are gathered in tents. With old and dirty clothes, hungry, hurt at their proud they are trying to set a new life into the strange, curious and continuously enemy atmosphere from which are surrounded. They cannot cover even the first needs. The two small rivers of the town Podoniftis and Yiabourlas were the only exodus for the garbage winter and summer. In that hell at the sickness, the hungry and the cursed one other spiritual life it’s gonna show up.




Athens' view


Comments (4)

Teban Laura Diana said

at 10:24 pm on Mar 20, 2009

Athens' view- it's a very interesting work, I like it

Dimitris said

at 11:12 pm on Mar 20, 2009

thank you. is anything else that you would like to see from Greece? or from Athens? tell me please

Teban Laura Diana said

at 12:52 am on Mar 21, 2009

I would like to know more things about Meteora-about suspended monasteries, were they built before the monasteries from Athos?

Teban Laura Diana said

at 12:54 am on Mar 21, 2009

I would like to know more things about Meteora-about suspended monasteries, were they built before the monasteries from Athos?

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