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Denisa Ro

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Date of Birth:

I was born  1994 on 19 september.My mother name is Felicia and my father name is Alexandru.. 

Where i live:Vinerea



About me


Hy! My name is DRAGOTEL DENISA,I'm fourteen,I'm in seventh class at IOAN MIHU ,Vinerea. 

Brothers /sisters

I have a younger sister, her name is Diana-Roxana 


List 3 words that best describe you:competitive,hardworker,cheerful

Number of siblings:English,franch and spanish

Hobbies:dance,reading a books,trips,meet my frends

Favorite Foods:freeze potatoes, pizza,cheese,milk

Favorite Music.I listen house, pop, and others...

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Favorite Color:black,white,green,red,purple,pink,

Favorite Season:summer,autumn and sometimes winter...

Favorite Holiday:summer

Favorite Book or Author:Invitatie la vals by Mihail Drumes

Favorite Subject:romana,english,istory,geografy,

Closest friend:Madalina,Adela-Maria,Hanelore and Ionela

Comments (3)

Dimitris said

at 2:32 pm on Oct 3, 2008

Smaller dimencions means better view..:))))

Teban Laura Diana said

at 2:59 pm on Oct 3, 2008

I don'T know how ;please do it for me.
thanks . Denisa

Dimitris said

at 4:53 pm on Oct 15, 2008

Denisa dont write your surname.

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