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Hello my name is Dimitra V. and I am from Greece…

On Sunday 2/11/2008, a part of the Greek group of this program , (Alexandra, Anastasia, Dimitra V., Christos, Stavros, Vasilis, Konstantina and Samuela)


went to

the Akropolis


And took a lot of pictures, to give you information about this amazing archeological site 

Our beautiful walk started with the 

 “Makrigianni” building

   which is a very important bulding.



After that we went to the new museum of the Acropolis,

It wasn’t ready yet… We could see only a part of this museum,  named,


(In the Greek language Nostos means something that has gone away and now  comes back again to its  hometown)

In these pictures you can see some of the objects which have come back again from  abroad…




When you will come to Greece, you have to visit Acropolis and the new perfect museum...

I think that it is one of the most beautifoul bildings in the world


My name is SERGIO and I live in Spain.

My country is very old and we have  many ancient monuments.

IN Andalucia we have many ROMAN remains, for example



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