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  • Talk about a profession which is fading away.
  • Show the particularities of your region. (For Greeks pupils the refugee houses).
  • Show some important monuments of your region.
  • Describe the ideal school / the ideal teacher.
  • Interview a special person.
  • Share with us a literature book that you are fond of.
  • Write a novel and ask your peers from the other countries to continue the novel from the point you stopped.
  • Ask from your peers to show what you want to learn about their country and their customs and habitats.
  • Share with us the story of one of your friends who might be an immigrant.
  • Describe a collection of things such as:  Collection of things that don't belong
  • Some people are more creative in a visual mode, so another way is to find an image that moves, inspires, disturbs, or affects you, and build a story around the image.




Add your oun ideas.






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