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Monuments of our countries 1

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Optical Tricks

Watch NOVA | Optical Tricks of the Parthenon | PBS in Entertainment Videos  |  View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com


Dracoula's Castle



Attiki's monasteries


Saints Asomatoi of Thesseion

Soteira Lykodeimou (Russian Church)

The Church of the Savior of Lykodemos  Is a domed octagonon type cruciform church , the largest medieval structure in Athens. It was built in 1031 as part of a Roman Catholic monastery that survived until 1701.It was damaged by the Turks in 1780 .The building was restored by Czar Alexander II in the 1850s, and redecorated internally by the painter Ludwig Thiersch. Since then re-dedicated to St Nicodemus . It is now used as the Russian Orthodox Church of Athens.

Agioi Theodoroi, Athens 

This tiny church, situated west of Plateia Klafthmonos, was probably erected over the ruins of an earlier structure and is possibly the oldest Byzantine church in Athens. Simply, in a transitional cross-in-square shape, the church has inscribed plaques built into the west wall, over the entrance in the western wall, recording that it was renovated in 1065 A.D. by Nicolaos Calomalos. During the opening phase of the Greek Revolution in 1821 the church was badly damaged but was restored in 1840. The ambo and. the sanctuary of the church has also been restored. It is a lovely building with walls built in the typical cloisonn masonry and decorated with brick, Cufic ornaments and terracotta frieze of animals and plants. The paintings in the interior wall are dated to the 19th century.

Hagia Aikaterini Athens Plaka

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Teban Laura Diana said

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I think the Parthenon is the most famous surviving building of Ancient Greeceand one of the most famous building in the world.

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