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The archaeological site of Mystras has been included in the UNESCO list of monuments of the Worldwide Cultural Heritage (criteria 2,3,4) since 1989. The late Byzantine settlement at Mystras, which developed after the middle of the 13th century, was from 1262 the seat of the secular and ecclesiastical authorities of the Byzantine empire in Peloponnese and from 1348 the capital of the Despotate of the Morea, down to its conquest by the Ottomans in 1460


The preserved overall urban designs of the settlement, and the architecture of the Frankish castle, the Byzantine palace, houses and churches, with their important paintings, make Mystras an invaluable source for the study of the medieval culture of Byzantium and Europe in general.

UNESCO CONVENTION 11-15 December 1989 .


╬čn one side lies the Mount Taygetos and on the other hand, Mount Parnon, which extends from the heart of the Peloponnese to the south coast. 

Between two mountain ranges lies the Laconia Prefecture, whose capital is the city of Sparta. Sparta is located next to the Byzantine village of Mystras. 



Perivleptos Monastery 1365-1374 


Hagia Sofia - The Church of the Palace 


Hagia Sofia - Video

Mystras' Metropolis - Hagios Dimitrios 





Video about Pantanassa 


Untitled from dimitris spiros on Vimeo.





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Teban Laura Diana said

at 2:12 pm on Mar 11, 2009

Very, very nice.
I know about a wonderworking icon of Mother of God called Pantanassa.Could you tell us more about it?

Dimitris said

at 6:41 pm on Mar 11, 2009

anassa in greek is the Queen. Panta means everything. Pantanassa means She who owns everything. The Panagia. The Mother of God.

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