Three wise men

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St Nikolaos

St John the Baptist



Early Christian Basilika


Saint Zacharias in Eleusina

The small post Byzantine church devoted to Saint Zacharias has architectural pieces of marble and ancient inscriptions incorporated in its walls. The church is built on the foundations of an ancient Christian triptych Basilica (5th -6th centuries a.C.), the remains of which could be seen around the church.

Katholic Church of Hosios Loukas . Athens




For one of the least 





Agios Dimitrios Loubardiaris

 St Demetrius Loubardiaris 

At the foot of the wooded hill of the Nymphs there is the small church of Agios Dimitrios, known as Loubardiaris. It is a single-aisled barrel-vaulted basilica built during the times of the Ottoman occupation. It was restored in 1955 by the famous architect Dimitrios Pikionis.