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Stavros Gr

Page history last edited by Dimitris 15 years, 5 months ago

Look at these links :



Name: Stavros 


Date of Birth:        I was born in 8 of July at Athens

Where i live:      Athens,N.Ionia


About Me: Hi everyone! I am Steve I am 1,67 metre tall. I am playing football and basketball.I am a big fan of Olympiakos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


 I have one brother name Spiros

 List 3 words that best describe me : cheerful, competitive, hard worker   




Favorite food: souvlaki and pizza!


Favorite colour:Blue !!!!!!!


Favorite Season:winter br br brbr



 Favorite Film:Pirates of the Carribbean


Favorite Subject:Maths             


Positive cartoon:Bugs Bunny


One subject I would like some help with:Nothing!!!


You are the   visitor:))


Comments (10)

Dimitris said

at 3:52 pm on Sep 28, 2008

Perfect Stavro. Perfect. You have travell a lot. :))) . Try and the Shelfari now. Call and your friends with their e mails to add their books or their books review, PERFECT. THANK YOU A LOT.

Teban Laura Diana said

at 1:41 pm on Oct 1, 2008

i like too bugs bunny and Pirates of Carraibean good job boy i am andreea from Romania and i love Greece

Teban Laura Diana said

at 1:41 pm on Oct 1, 2008


Dimitris said

at 10:43 am on Oct 5, 2008

Σταύρο μάλλον to shelfari κόλλαγε την σελίδα σου και είχε την ένδειξη "ολοκληρώθηκε αλλά υπάρχουν σφάλματα στην σελίδα'
Θα βρούμε κάποιο άλλο αντίστοιχο εργαλείο.

marki said

at 9:09 pm on Oct 5, 2008

You have very nice page...:-) Have you got any icq or qip?!? :-)

giannisstam2008@... said

at 3:07 pm on Oct 8, 2008


luciana said

at 2:58 pm on Oct 9, 2008

good job stavros i am andreea and i am from romania.bye

anastasia said

at 5:08 pm on Oct 11, 2008

pirates of carribbean hm!!! xaxaxaxa!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Konstantina said

at 11:52 am on Oct 12, 2008

very good steve very nice job!!!!

6gimnasio neas ionias said

at 11:10 am on Jan 17, 2009

good job stauro !!!!!

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